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18 Reasons White Women Date Black Men


18 Reasons White Women Date Black Men


In recent years, there has been a surplus of white women and black men relationships. Some will argue that this interracial relationship has been purposely promoted by the media. Some will also argue that this interracial relationship is often times dysfunctional (laziness, abuse, self hate and insecurity).

I was sent a video that was created by a YouTuber who goes by the name, MsArchDuchess. In the video she gives 18 reason why (she feels) white women date black men.

In the video, the YouTuber says she wants to give black people more to think about when it comes to the hidden motives of white women. She says you can see by the popularity of the movement (white women dating black men) that it’s not about love.

She says, “The order does not matter. There is no sequence…these women are so deluded they think they’re upholding Martin Luther King’s dream. These relationships don’t last more than 8-10 years because they have nothing to do with love.”

These are MsArchDuchess 18 reasons and explanations to why white women date black men:

1. Fat. She’s too large to attract a white men. She believes her body type is more accepted by black men.

2. Ugly and unattractive by European standards of beauty.

3. She wants to experiment. She’s curious about the black man’s genitalia, how big it is, how he performs sexually, if it’s better than being with a white man.

4. Jealous. She’s jealous of black women.

5. Boredom. She’s bored with white men. She is looking for excitement and a change. She wants to cause some friction.
6. Anger. White women that date black men are angry and see this as a form of rebellion. White rage.

7. Desperation. She can’t get the white guys she wants. She cannot go without a man.

8. Attention. Dating someone different than her own race is her way of getting attention.

9. She’s gullible.

10. Whorish. She’s sleeping with many different men. He’s just one of many.


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