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7 Ways To Get Your Man Totally Sexually Addicted To You


7 Ways To Get Your Man Totally Sexually Addicted To You

The Ultimate Blow Job
This one may seem obvious, but hold on. There’s more to it than just offering to go down on your partner.

The best pleasure is the one that’s delayed, so see how long you can hold him off. Better yet, promise him some oral sex as the warm up for the real deal – he’ll hardly be able to contain himself, and he’ll relish every minute. Go slow, take your time, work him up, then show him what you can do.

List the dirty things you want to do to him tonight on the fridge, giving him an entire day to
fantasize about just how amazing it will be. Men like to be enticed, so flirting on a post-it note is kinky and hot.

Leave Your Underwear
Leave the sexy lingerae you wore last night at his place, reminding him of all the naughty things you did together. Men are very visual creatures, so this will help keep you on his mind all day long.

Never include your face in the sexy selfie you send him, because you don’t want full evidence that it’s you
if anything were to go wrong. With that said, find the perfect place and lighting to show off your body, reminding him that you’re the only woman he needs in life.

Find a kinky place to have sex when you both get off work, and give him clues through text on just where you’ll be. He’ll be intrigued and excited to find you, just so he can rip off your clothes and claim his treasure!

You can take your intimacy to a new level with phone sex, allowing him to play with himself while thinking
of your body. It may be old school, but phone sex works just as good as it did before video chat came around.

Keep It Cute
You want to take things slow, not exposing all of your kinkiness too soon in the relationship. Men like mystery and mystique, so giving it all up in an instant will surely turn him off. Remain classy at all times, but let him know that you definitely have a freaky side that he can explore more once he’s fully devoted.

Try as many different sex positions as you are comfortable with.

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