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Black Teens Start No Pants Trend


Black Teens Start No Pants Trend

WASHINGTON D.C. – If you are not a fan of sagging, you are going to abhor a new trend catching on with boys in our nation’s capital. A group of black teenage boys have taken fashion to a completely different level. Wherever the boys go, they leave their pants at home.

The boys, who are natives of Washington D.C., say they used to sag their pants but that trend has “died out.” Justin Jidore, 15, stated “sometimes we get crazy looks and people laugh like it’s a joke, but I think we are being trendsetters. We designed a bunch of our own underwear and wear our looks in public. It’s a great way to get attention for our products.”

Justin says the trend is already catching on in their area. “At first we were all nervous about how people would react,” Justin stated. “Everywhere we would go people would laugh and call us crazy, but eventually they started to tell us how hot our underwear were — and asked where they could buy them. It’s become the latest trend in our neighborhood and is starting to spread fast.”

“Everywhere we go people want pictures with us,” Jordan Albritton, 16, stated. “It’s not all about the attention, but we do love that. It’s about challenging the norm. Society tells us what we should or shouldn’t do, but we do what we want. The look is hot and new. No one has ever done this. Instead of following the trend, we are setting one.”

The boys said that many places won’t allow them to enter their establishments, and they are often threatened and harassed for their fashion choice, but they refuse to let the “haters” get to them.

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