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Daycare Busted Running Toddler Fightclub, Parents Outraged


Daycare Busted Running Toddler Fightclub, Parents Outraged

Parents of toddlers who were enrolled in a daycare in Woodbridge, Virginia will be needing a personal injury lawyer. You bet the lawyers are going to be getting involved. This daycare worker was caught doing something no one ever could have imagined.

She was running a toddler fight club. That’s right! She was matching up the kids in her care and she was forcing them to fight each other. They didn’t even have an attorney to negotiate their contract.

Actually, she would have to be one of the most disgusting people there are in this world. She took defenseless kids and gave them no option but to fight their way through the day. How many injuries did these kids get? How many were physically rattled at the end of the day that they had no will to live and no way to tell their parents?

Well, that’s all over, and justice is that this lady is going to be getting hers. When she goes to prison, she’s going to be in a fight club for real. There’s a thing about inmates. They don’t like pedophiles. Even though she isn’t a pedophile, they look at it like it’s abuse and inmates can’t stand that either. So, she’ll be fighting! Just like she wanted, only she’ll be fighting everyone off of herself.

When kids are taught at a young age that violence is a part of life, they end up using it for every disagreement they have. They beat store clerks up when they don’t get the right change. The toddlers in this daycare may have a terrible life ahead of them thanks to one woman.

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