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Haitian Jack: 2Pac’s “Against All Odds” Diss Wasn’t His Idea

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Haitian Jack: 2Pac’s “Against All Odds” Diss Wasn’t His Idea


After many years of staying quiet, Haitian Jack is speaking out about his storied feud with 2Pac. The West Coast rapper famously dissed Haitian Jack on “Against All Odds,” branding his former friend a “snitch” after believing that Jack, born Jacques Agnant, set up the 1994 Quad Studios shooting, which led to the iconic rapper getting shot five times.

Jack spoke exclusively to Hip-Hop Wired, denying his involvement in the botched robbery, “Whenever it comes to ‘Pac it feels like I’m blamed. I know who’s behind it and we’ll get into that one-day. But the person that’s behind it is serving life right now. Let me tell you man, whenever you go out of your way to get someone killed, put in jail and slander their character, all those things end up coming back to you; especially a person who has nothing against you or has done nothing to you.”

During the interview, Haitian Jack also addressed rumors that he was an informant for the U.S. government, which Pac spoke about on his record.

“Well it’s funny, they all want to claim that I’m linked to the government, but if I was linked to the government I would be in America [now]. That wasn’t Pac’s idea. Pac was told to say that”

Along with Jack, James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond was linked to the robbery, and the Haitian native had nothing kind to say about the former businessman, “He is who I thought he was; a b*tch.”


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