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More Conspiracy B.S. Or Truth? Donald Duck A High Priest Of The Illuminati? [VIDEO]


More Conspiracy B.S. Or Truth? Donald Duck A High Priest Of The Illuminati? [VIDEO]


“You do find mathematics in the darndest places.”

-Donald Duck


Conspiracy theorists are dreadfully thorough, but I guess most of them missed this one: Donald in Mathmagic Land, the 1959 Disney featurette starring Donald Duck which teaches us about the Pythagorean cult, the pentagram, the Fibonacci Sequence, and the Golden Ratio.

As is the case with most men of influence, Walt Disney has been identified as a member of the Illuminati (or at least a pawn) by more than one conspiracy buff.  Accusations have included pedophilia, child sexual programming, occult slavery, Freemasonry ties, blah blah blah.  Pretty much, the usual.  An interesting list of some of the weirder points appears in an earlier Disinfo article by 5by5.

One recurring accusation is that the Disney films and cartoons are riddled with subliminal messages of a sexual nature. Most likely, you’ve heard of them before. A dust cloud in The Lion King spells out the word, “sex.”  A phallus shows up on the cover of The Little Mermaid.  Aladdin says, “Teenagers take off your clothes.”  The list goes on a bit.

duck tales illuminatiOther than the sexual subliminals, there are also numerous “Illuminati symbols” supposedly hidden throughout the cartoons and the Disney theme parks, as well.  Most notably, the symbolism surrounding the infamous Club 33 at Disneyland (a members only club inside the park), and the cartoon, Gravity Falls.

Disney also plays a big part in the theories dealing with “Project Monarch,” an insidious plot said to be attached to the CIA’s MK-Ultra (the documented program experimenting in mind control).

The Monarch Program is a mind control method where a subject is systematically tortured and abused to induce dissociative personality disorder (used to be called multiple personality disorder), with the goal being the creation of a separate personality that can be programmed as a mind-controlled agent.  The victims were usually turned into sex slaves for the elite.  An entire symbol set became associated with the Monarch Program, including the eye in the triangle, the covering of one eye, Hello Kitty, butterflies, lightning bolts, and broken mirrors.  According to some researchers, when any of these symbols are seen in any context, they are actually coded triggers which will immediately switch on the alternate personalities of those who were subjected to the programming.  For some reason, Disney cartoons play a significant role in the programming, as does the Wizard of Oz, and Lady Gaga.

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If one becomes deeply mired in studying the Monarch Program, they will begin to see evidence of it everywhere. Television celebrities begin to show signs of programmingGrammy performances become Illuminati rituals.  Children’s shows are exploding with hidden penises.

donald mathmagicThe only problem: the Monarch Program probably doesn’t exist.  It first shows up in Trance Formation of America (1995) by Cathy O’Brien, who claims to have been a victim of the program. Memories of her programming were retrieved through hypnosis, which, in my mind, place them in the “unprovable” category.  It should also be noted that her story of an abusive father, connected with a child pornography ring, recruiting her into the program as a sex slave is repeated time after time with little to no variance.  Almost all of these victims have “retrieved” these memories of abuse through hypnosis or other means, and considering their close resemblance to O’Brien’s story, I find it highly likely that they are either the result of suggestible minds, or cheap knockoffs made up by unimaginative hoaxers.

One of the main reasons I’m so interested in conspiracy theories is how well they demonstrate the filter theory of selective attention.  Our conscious mind can only juggle so many inputs at once, so we filter out the data that is unwanted.  This can be applied to entire worldviews, as we’ve seen with the Monarch Program.  When looking for proof of any theory, it will undoubtedly appear.

One way to illustrate this to yourself is to experiment with a magical technique described by William S. Burroughs called, “Walking on Color.”  Pick a color and take a walk in an area that is familiar to you, choosing to only allow objects of that color to draw your attention.  You will quickly find yourself noticing things you’ve never paid attention to before.  Those things were always there, but your consciousness was editing them out, because it deemed them unimportant.

mickey and minnie penisIt’s similar to what happens when we see an image in a Rorschach blot or a cloud formation.  We are very much projecting our own desires or fears onto the image.  What we see says more about us than about the subject itself.  Food for thought for those who see nothing but penises peeking out of every cartoon.

In light of this idea of selective attention, it’s surprising to me that not many mentions of Donald in Mathmagic Land show up among the Illuminati theories, as there is a detailed description of the pentagram (which is widely misinterpreted by conspiracy theorists following the Illuminati paradigm as a Satanic symbol), as well as a positive description of the Pythagorean cult.  You’d think that they would be all over this one.

Way to drop the ball, guys.

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