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Serena and Venus Williams are Really Brothers Born as Men


Serena and Venus Williams are Really Brothers Born as Men

Reality Check

It is a safe bet that the Venus and Serena Williams conspiracy has also been sustained by Corporations eager to profit from the artificial ‘spicing’ of women’s tennis.

How else could equal prize money at major international tennis tournaments be justified? Higher prize money attracts greedier sponsors, who then have a vested interest in “talking up” otherwise lame womens’ tournaments.

Most heterosexual men would likely admit to losing interest in major womens’ tennis tournaments, such as Wimbledon and Melbourne, after the quarter finals have been completed. Why? Well by that stage, the sexiest (most appealing) ladieshave usually been eliminated by the broad-shoulders crowd. The one exception being the Russian beauty: Maria Sharapova.

Equal Pay For Unequal Effort

In 2006 the Wimbledon women’s champion was the rather butch looking French-woman, Amelie Mauresmo. Her financial reward was £30,000 less than that given her co-champion, Roger Federer: £625,000 versus £655,000.

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