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Stitches EXPOSED as a Fraud (VIDEO)


Stitches EXPOSED as a Fraud (VIDEO)

The boy Stitches is taking massive losses out here. Dude got beat up the day after getting beat up by The Game’s manager. The Miami dude was once regarded as the biggest coke dealing hombre to those that didn’t know any better. But, now…dude is going downhill fast. This time, some men found him and caught him in a parking lot and just started beating on him. The men wail on him as he sits inside the car. Then, somebody opens the door and Stitches manages to kick them away, before speeding away. It appears that the men sought to chase him, but the video stops.

On the flip side, there are other people that are claiming that Stitches is out here snitching. I have been sent evidence of all of this in the form of text messages. The messages say that Stitches has been arranging meetings with the cops and people that witnessed his beat down. I dunno. Stitches is connected according to sources.
Last, but certainly not least, another video (below) has popped up chronicling Stitches authenticity.

Is this guy tryna get smoked or what?

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