WHEN THE TRUTH COMES OUT: Old Tweets Reveal How Your Favorite Rappers...

WHEN THE TRUTH COMES OUT: Old Tweets Reveal How Your Favorite Rappers Really Feel About Fellow Artists



With almost every rapper seemingly walking on egg shells to avoid saying anything bad about their counterparts these days, it would be cool to know what they actually think. Thanks to some digging by internet sleuths, all kinds of old tweets have surfaced that have left a few of your favorite rappers wondering why they let their true feelings be known on a social networking site like Twitter.


Check it out below.


Think Kreayshawn really doesn’t use the N-Word?




How does Rockie Fresh really feel about Rick Ross?




French Montana’s thoughts on Kanye West?




Action Bronson doesn’t have love for Slim Shady, Drizzy or Pretty Flacko?





Meek Mill rides for 50 Cent



 To Meek Millz Credit he has always been Cool with 50 and wants to Squash the Beef as seen here below in the Video..


A$AP Rocky on Kanye West, Pusha T, Drake, Lil B, Wiz Khalifa and Joe Budden





Macklemore dissing Eminem, Yeezy and Cole World??




Does anyone like Wale?




Iggy Azalea speaks her mind about Nicki Minaj, Birdman and Lil Wayne




Travis Scott blacking out on Jay-Z, Kanye West and Big Sean




Trinidad James speaking his mind




After the tweets started surfacing some of the rappers above responded via Twitter.















Travis Scott attempted to block people from finding his old tweets. Too late though, the cat is out of the bag.




Pretty funny stuff.



Sources: Rapdosekanyetothecom and imgur




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