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Woman Tries To Eat Man’s Penis {Another Zombie-Like Attack!}


Woman Tries To Eat Man’s Penis {Another Zombie-Like Attack!}


Orlando FL,-Police have charged 29-year-old Priscilla Vaughn with attempted murder after she chewed on a man’s genitals so severely he needed emergency surgery.

The two met online where Priscilla was listed as an escort. The two had dinner at Applebee’s and consumed copious amounts of alcohol, weed and ecstasy. After dinner the pair went to a hotel room and that is when the bizarre behavior started to occur. Priscilla started biting the 30-year-old man’s penis and genitals, causing him to bleed heavily. The man told deputies that it appeared as if Vaughn was “trying to eat his penis and testicles.” He said he tried to fight her off but she was too powerful and she tried gouging his eyes out. She proceeded to bite and scratch at his abdomen, legs, fingers and chest. She then took his car keys and broke his phone. He ended up locking himself in the bathroom until help arrived.

Luckily, other hotel guests heard screaming and growling coming from the room and called 911.

Vaughn was still there when police arrived on the scene, naked and growling with blood around her mouth.

Reminiscent of a story we covered spring of last year about a new drug “Bath Salts” being linked to four zombie-like attacks.

Seriously, can we just leave the ecstasy, bath salts, LSD, Molly and whatever the hell else white and powdery everyone seems to be taking now-a-days.

“Popped a Molly now I’m doing 20 to life”…

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