Woman Wins $8 Million, Casino Says Machine Malfunctioned

Woman Wins $8 Million, Casino Says Machine Malfunctioned



A lady in Toronto hit the $8 Million jackpot at a Cash N Dash Casino slot machine, but could not claim her money.

Amy Andrews took her mother to the casino in Toronto, Canada last weekend. She put $100 in a machine and hit the jackpot — she thought.

“I was very charged up when I hit,” she told FOLKS 5 News. “Then I couldn’t believe it.”

The casino staff came over and told her the machine malfunctioned. Amy Andrews thought she hit the jackpot at Cash N Dash Casino, only to be told the machine malfunctioned.

“They shut off the machine, took it away, printed out a ticket and gave me $80.”

The casino machines have a disclaimer that says a malfunction of the machine voids all pays and plays.

“To me, it’s cheating, and straight up fraudulent,” Andrews told FOLKS 5 News. “My first thought was, how many people has this happened to? They think they won, then going away with little to nothing.”

Casino CEO Bruce Lane, who has been with the casino since before it opened in 1999, told FOLKS 5 News this has never happened here before. He said he is working to get answers from the manufacturer and wants to keep Andrews as a customer.
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